In 2016, Morocco had <1000 (<1000 - 1500) new HIV infections and <1000 (<500 - 1000) AIDS-related deaths. There were 22 000 (16 000 - 28 000) people living with HIV in 2016, among whom 48% (30% - 64%) were accessing antiretroviral therapy. Among pregnant women living with HIV, 62% (48% - 76%) were accessing treatment or prophylaxis to prevent transmission of HIV to their children. An estimated <100 children were newly infected with HIV due to mother-to-child transmission.

The key populations most affected by HIV in Morocco are:

  • Sex workers, with an HIV prevalence of 1.3%.
  • Gay men and other men who have sex with men, with an HIV prevalence of 5.7%.
  • People who inject drugs, with an HIV prevalence of 7.9%.
  • Prisoners, with an HIV prevalence of 0.5%.

Since 2010, new HIV infections have decreased by 2% and AIDS-related deaths have decreased by 42%. 

811彩票开户As part of the national strategic plan, the AIDS response has seen significant progress, as shown by the continued increase of coverage of combination prevention programmes and antiretroviral therapy for key populations. A harm reduction programme for people who inject drugs has been implemented in some cities.

Access to HIV testing has increased significantly since 2012 with its integration into health centres, a better focusing on key populations and the introduction of community-based testing. A test and treat approach has been adopted.

The new National Strategic Plan 2017–2021 commits Morocco to an acceleration of the HIV response. It aims to reduce new infections among key and vulnerable populations, eliminate mother-to-child transmission of HIV, reduce AIDS-related deaths, confront discrimination and strengthen governance for an efficient response. 

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