In 2016, Mexico had 12 000 (11 000 - 14 000) new HIV infections and 4200 (3300 - 5300) AIDS-related deaths. There were 220 000 (200 000 - 240 000) people living with HIV in 2016, among whom 60% (48% - 69%) were accessing antiretroviral therapy. Among pregnant women living with HIV, 58% (51% - 64%) were accessing treatment or prophylaxis to prevent transmission of HIV to their children. An estimated <500 (<200 - <500) children were newly infected with HIV due to mother-to-child transmission. Among people living with HIV, approximately 50% (45% - 55%) had suppressed viral loads.   

The key populations most affected by HIV in Mexico are:

  • Sex workers, with an HIV prevalence of 7.0%.
  • Gay men and other men who have sex with men, with an HIV prevalence of 17.3%.
  • People who inject drugs, with an HIV prevalence of 2.5%.
  • Transgender people, with an HIV prevalence of 17.4%.
  • Prisoners, with an HIV prevalence of 0.7%.

811彩票开户Since 2010, new HIV infections have decreased by 22% and AIDS-related deaths have decreased by 1%. 

811彩票开户Mexico has a national policy on HIV treatment and has been providing universal access to antiretroviral therapy through the national health system since 2003. The Universal Access to ART Programme, financed by the government’s Catastrophic Expenditure Protection Fund, ensures a predictable supply of antiretroviral medicines and tests people without social security.

The National Strategic Plan 2013–2018 identifies four key priorities: reducing HIV transmission by ensuring the continuation of effective prevention and treatment programmes focused on key populations; eliminating mother-to-child transmission of HIV; reducing discrimination based on sexual orientation; and ensuring better integration of HIV services.

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