811彩票开户In 2016, Honduras had <1000 (<1000 - 1400) new HIV infections and <1000 (<1000 - 1300) AIDS-related deaths. There were 21 000 (17 000 - 27 000) people living with HIV in 2016, among whom 51% (36% - 65%) were accessing antiretroviral therapy. Among pregnant women living with HIV, 54% (44% - 66%) were accessing treatment or prophylaxis to prevent transmission of HIV to their children. An estimated <100 (<100 - <100) children were newly infected with HIV due to mother-to-child transmission. Among people living with HIV, approximately 39% (31% - 49%) had suppressed viral loads.  

The key populations most affected by HIV in Honduras are:

  • Sex workers, with an HIV prevalence of 5.3%.
  • Gay men and other men who have sex with men, with an HIV prevalence of 11.7%.
  • Transgender people, with an HIV prevalence of 11.9%.

811彩票开户Since 2010, new HIV infections have decreased by 29% and AIDS-related deaths have increased by 11%. 

811彩票开户Beginning in 2017, the Ministry of Health has provided HIV treatment for all, regardless of CD4 count. Domestic funding covers 95% of HIV treatment costs and 70% of HIV prevention programmes. In recent years, a set of strategies have been defined to widen access to and improve the quality of HIV-related service.

811彩票开户The Ministry of Health is reviewing and updating HIV prevention guidelines for health-care providers. The national AIDS commission, together with other national stakeholders, will be carrying out an evaluation of the National Strategic Plan and developing a sustainability strategy.

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