In 2016, Belarus had 1800 (1000 - 2900) new HIV infections and <200 (<100 - <500) AIDS-related deaths. There were 19 000 (14 000 - 26 000) people living with HIV in 2016, among whom 45% (33% - 60%) were accessing antiretroviral therapy. Among pregnant women living with HIV, 92% (61% - >95%) were accessing treatment or prophylaxis to prevent transmission of HIV to their children. An estimated <100 children were newly infected with HIV due to mother-to-child transmission. Among people living with HIV, approximately 35% (26% - 47%) had suppressed viral loads. 

The key populations most affected by HIV in Belarus are:

  • Sex workers, with an HIV prevalence of 6.8%.
  • Gay men and other men who have sex with men, with an HIV prevalence of 5.7%.
  • People who inject drugs, with an HIV prevalence of 25.1%.

Since 2010, new HIV infections have increased by 65% and AIDS-related deaths have increased by 13%. 

811彩票开户In 2016, Belarus was validated by the World Health Organization as having eliminated mother-to-child transmission of HIV. The country implements a full range of policies and programmes with government support and funding, and is a key advocate for harm reduction and opioid substitution therapy in the Commonwealth of Independent States.

The guiding principles of the national response to the HIV epidemic are given in the country’s HIV prevention programme, which reaffirms Belarus’ commitment to the 2016 United Nations Political Declaration on Ending AIDS. Belarus introduced HIV self-testing and started selling HIV tests through pharmacies in 2017. Antiretroviral therapy coverage funded by the government will be increased from 8600 people in 2016 to 22 000 people in 2018 by reducing the prices of antiretroviral therapy. Belarus is committed to scaling up and ensuring the sustainability of harm reduction programmes.

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Vera Ilyenkova
UNAIDS Country Manager